50 Useful Japanese Phrases for Everyday Use (With Audio)

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Whether you are just starting to learn Japanese or planning to visit Japan, learning about commonly used basic Japanese phrases is always a great idea. If you know a few phrases in Japanese, it will be so much easier to make Japanese friends, then more opportunities to improve Japanese speaking.

Today, I am going to share 50 useful Japanese phrases which you can use every day to improve your Japanese better and faster! I also recorded the audio for each Japanese phrase because learning the pronunciation is very important.


15 Common Japanese Greetings / Introducing Yourself (Formal)

Firstly, let’s look at the basic Japanese greetings. Greetings are the first thing to do when you meet someone and the first impression is the key to building a good relationship, especially, when there is a language barrier.

I will share 15 common Japanese greetings and Japanese introduction phrases that you should remember. Now you need to understand that there are many levels of politeness in spoken Japanese and native Japanese speakers use all of them differently depending on the situation. Interestingly, most of them do not like to use formal Japanese too often.

Therefore, I will share informal (friendly) Japanese phrases later in this post for you to sound more like native Japanese speakers. However, it is better to learn formal Japanese when greeting and introducing yourself to strangers.

Good morningおはよう(ございます)
Ohayo (gozaimasu)
Good afternoon / Helloこんにちは
Thank you (very much)ありがとう(ございます)
Arigatou (gozaimasu)
You’re welcomeどういたしまして
Good night (when going to sleep)おやすみ(なさい)
Oyasumi (nasai)
Nice to see youはじめまして
Please take good care of me (Often said after introducing yourself)よろしくお願いします
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
My name is Yutaro私の名前はゆうたろうです
Watashi no namae wa Yutaro desu
Please call me Yutaroゆうたろうと呼んでください
Yutaro to yonde kudasai
What is your name?お名前は何ですか?
Onamae wa nandesuka?
Where are you from?出身はどこですか?
Shusshin wa dokodesuka?
I am from Australiaオーストラリア出身です
Oosutoraria shussin desu
I am studying Japanese日本語を勉強中です
Nihongo wo benkyotyudesu

20 Japanese Phrases For Making New Friends

Now, you learned how to greet and introduce yourself to strangers. They are not strangers anymore, let’s make some new friends! Making Japanese friends is a great way to boost your Japanese learning by creating more opportunities to immerse yourself in the Japanese environment.

When people are becoming friends, they normally start off using formal Japanese to get to know each other, and gradually shift to more informal Japanese. Therefore, it is useful to learn both formal and informal Japanese for making new friends.

What do you like to do? (What are your hobbies?) (formal)趣味は何ですか?
Shumi wa nandesuka?
I like watching anime (formal)アニメを見るのが好きです
Anime wo miru noga suki desu
What did you do last weekend? (formal)先週末は何をしたのですか?
Senshumatsu wa nani wo shitanodesuka?
I traveled to Ibaraki last weekend (formal)先週末は茨城に旅行に行きました
Senshumatsu wa ibaraki ni ryoko ni ikimashita
What do you wanna eat? (formal)何食べたい(ですか)?
Nani tabetai (desuka)?
Do you like ramen? (formal)ラーメンは好きですか?
Ramen wa suki desuka?
I am hungry (friendly)お腹すいた
Onaka suita
Let’s go hang out together sometime! (formal)今度一緒に遊びに行きましょう!
Kondo issho ni asobi ni ikimasyo!
Let’s go drinking together sometime! (friendly)今度一緒に飲みに行こうよ
Kondo issho ni nomi ni ikouyo!
Why don’t we go karaoke tomorrow!? (friendly)明日カラオケに行かない?
Ashita karaoke ni ikanai?
Do you have free time (day) next week? (friendly)来週空いてる日ある?
Raishu aiteru hi aru?
I’m not sure but I may be busy next week (formal)来週は忙しいかも知れません
Raishu wa isogashii kamo shiremasen
I will be free next month tho (friendly)来月なら暇だよ
Raigetsu nara hima dayo
Do you have (do) facebook? (formal)フェイスブックはやっていますか?
Feisubukku wa yatte imasuka?
Do you have (do) Instagram? (friendly)インスタやってる?
Insuta yatteru?
What is this? (formal)これは何ですか?
Kore wa nan desuka?
What is that? (friendly)あれ何?
Are nani?
Are you okay? (friendly)大丈夫?
Today was fun, right!? (friendly)今日は楽しかったね!
Kyou wa tanoshikattane!
Well, see ya! (friendly)じゃ、またね!
Ja, matane!

15 Japanese Travel Phrases

Here, I have 15 Japanese travel phrases to share with you. These phrases are extremely useful when you visit Japan.

Where is Tokyo station?東京駅はどこですか?
Tokyo-eki wa dokodesuka?
I wanna go to Tokyo station東京駅に行きたいです
Tokyo eki ni ikitaidesu
Do you speak English? (Can you speak English?)英語は話せますか?
Eigo wa hanasemasuka?
Could you repeat that again, please?もう一度言ってください
Mou ichido itte kudasai
What do you mean by that?それはどういう意味ですか?
Sore wa douiu imi desuka?
I can speak a little bit of Japanese私は少しだけ日本語が話せます
Watashi wa sukoshidake nihongo ga hanasemasu
Please speak slowlyゆっくりと話してください
Yukkurito hanasite kudasai
I would like a glass of orange juiceオレンジジュースをください
Orenji jusu wo kudasai
What time is it?今は何時ですか?
Ima wa nanji desu ka?
I don’t understand分かりません
How much is this?これはいくらですか?
Kore wa ikura desuka?
Can I have this one, please?これを1つお願いします
Kore wo hitotsu onegaishimasu
Do you have an English menu?英語のメニューはありますか?
Eigo no menyu wa arimasuka?
That was delicious美味しかったです

So there you have it! All the 50 basic Japanese phrases are what you need to either start learning Japanese or travel to Japan.

Now you can have your first conversations with native Japanese speakers in Japanese and soon your Japanese speaking will get better and better!

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