When My Friend Took Friendship Too Seriously (This Happened)

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Have you ever been punched in the face before?

I don’t think many people have experience in that area, but I have. In this post, I will talk about my experience of me being punched in the face for hours by my crazy friend who took our “friendship” way too seriously.

I cannot use his real name here, so let’s call him “Yoshimasa”. This story gets a bit long and I will just explain what Yoshimasa is like in the first half. So if you have no time, just jump to the “Yoshimasa Story”.




How and Where I Met Yoshimasa

Before I talk about my story with Yoshimasa, I want to explain first “where we met” and “what he was like”.

I met Yoshimasa at a tomato farm in Bundaberg, QLD, Australia. I was working on the tomato farm to get my second working holiday visa and Yoshimasa came about 2 weeks later.

However, my farm group and his group were different, so we lived in different places and basically, we’d meet at the farm when working.



What Yoshimasa is Like!?

Yoshimasa was a very chubby boy (he said he weighed around 120kg at the time), and he was super friendly that he could be friends with anybody, literally anyone who was involved with him. The first impression of him was really good that I instantly liked him.

It is not so common for people from different farm groups to hang out together outside work. But because of Yoshimasa’s super friendly personality and the unique fashion of his choice, he got popular real quick among our group. He started working with us at the farm.

Yoshimasa is, if I remember correctly, 3 years younger than me, so he was around 21 at that time. He came to Australia with nothing but a guiter. He was a musician that he had his own YouTube channel and showed some music videos to us. He didn’t have the best voice but his music sense was really good. I liked to listen to his song.

I say this many times but he is really friendly and sociable that he can be friends with anyone. I have never met anyone who’s better with people. He was that good.


Yoshimasa Does Not Need English to Communicate with People

His communication skill was absolutely outstanding. I have never seen anyone like him before.

When he joined his farm group, he knew absolutely zero English words that he couldn’t speak English at all. But it didn’t matter to him to make friends. He played with his guitar and sang a song for us, with us. Everyone liked him straight away.

Do you know anyone who sucks up to someone in a higher position or better at something?

Well, Yoshimasa was kind of that person. But the difference is he did that to literally everyone. Not only his boss or anyone older than him but EVERYONE who was at the farm.


Yoshimasa Reads all One Piece for Me

I was really surprised when he read all One Piece online so that we had something in common to talk about.

I am honestly not the kind of guy who opens his heart to strangers. It may sound a bit sad but I am not really interested in people, especially, in the first stages of friendship. However, Yoshimasa kept talking to me during and outside work even though I didn’t really pay attention to his gesture.

He remembered that I talked about One Piece and how much I loved it. So he went online and read all episodes of One Piece in a few days without sleeping.

Have you ever met a person like him? I was really inspired and did admire his appreciation of every encounter with every individual.


Yoshimasa Cycles 1 Hour to Our House Every Day

Yoshimasa came to our house every single day, riding a bicycle for over an hour.

Farm jobs are not easy and physically demanding. We would often go to the farm at 5 am and work until 4 pm in the extremely hot environment when it was busy. We did not have a day off for more than 2 months but Yoshimasa came to our house with the guitar after work every day.

He would often sit outside the unit and play the guitar. Everyone would come to him and sing together. He was really a star of our farm group.



Yoshimasa Story

Okay, now I think you know what kind of guy Yoshimasa is. He is a super friendly and loveable 120kg musician.

I was getting along with Yoshimasa very well at work. But I still had my boundary outside work since my main purpose of living in Australia was to improve my English proficiency. So I spent more time with non-Japanese friends when I was not working.

If you have ever lived in other countries, I think you can relate to this that people like to spend more time with someone who comes from the same country as them. Australian and Australian, Thai and Thai, and Japanese and Japanese. Of course, it is just a tendency that I noticed, but it is true.

I don’t know if Yoshimasa didn’t like the idea of me spending more time with non-Japanese people than him, his attitude towards me suddenly changed.


Yoshimasa Suddenly Ignores Me

That was probably around 1 month after Yoshimasa joined our farm, just as we were getting along and closer, he suddenly decided to ignore me.

If you know about Japanese culture, we respect elderly people using Japanese Honorifics such as “San”. As I was older than Yoshimasa, he was supposed to use “san” to me, but he had treated me like I was his age since I don’t really care about those rules and that happens all the time. Actually, I am happy to be treated that way, to be honest.

He would often say “Hey, Yutaro! give it to me!” when he needs something, but after he started ignoring me, he’d go like “Hi, Yutaro-san. Could I ask you to get that for me, please?”.

I honestly had no idea what just happened, so I asked him. He said, “you ignored my joke”. The next day, He was at our house and told me “You haven’t opened your heart to me. We are best friends, but you are not truly showing who you are”.

I was honestly shocked because what he said was 100% true. He could make a great mentalist too. That he was good at making speeches. I said, “I will do better”. We became friends again.


He Starts Ignoring Me Again

Yoshimasa and I became friends again and as we were doing okay, he divided to ignore me again. That was probably 2 weeks after the first time.

I thought I had enough that I was going to let it go, but working closely couldn’t make it any easier. Plus, he was at our house every day. How could I just let it go, right!?

We talked again and he told me exactly the same thing “You haven’t opened your heart to me”. I didn’t like the way he addressed me as “Omae” which is the rudest way to call someone. But I said “I’m sorry” and became friends again.


The Third Time Ignoring

The same thing happened again for the third time. I still remember this moment vividly that I was picking zucchinis and he ignored me like I was invisible. Even though I was really fat in high school, I had an OK time which, of course, had nothing to do with bullying and ignoring. I never imagined I would be experiencing this when I was 25.

Yoshimasa was leaving the farm in 2 weeks, so I decided not to get involved in any of this anymore. But it was so hard to cut him out of my life when you live at the farm with a bunch of people. Everywhere you go, there is Yoshimasa, here is Yoshimasa. He was everywhere.


Yoshimasa Invites Everyone to His Party But Me

One week before his departure, we had a Karaage party at Yoshimasa’s place. I was enjoying this time while staying away from him. During the party, he was talking to each person that he was throwing his farewell party at his house the next week Friday. He purposely asked each one of us in person if they could come, but he never asked me.

As I could overhear his conversation, he’d go loudly “It is the last Yoshimasa, you should definitely come to my party! What do you want to sing for the last time!?”. But he’d never come to me. I knew what he was doing. I really wanted him to leave ASAP.


Yoshimasa Teaches Me a Life Lesson

The day before Yoshimasa’s farewell party. We were having dinner together and Yoshimasa was preparing a cow’s tongue for dinner.

I had avoided for the whole 2 weeks being alone with Yoshimasa but as I lost my focus for one second, Yoshimasa and I were alone in the kitchen. I felt very awkward since we hadn’t talked in the last 2 weeks, although he rather seemed careless and started talking.

Yoshimasa, “Hey, Yutaro. do you know why I didn’t invite you to my farewell party?”.

Me, “…”.

Yoshimasa, “I invited everyone except you on purpose”.

Me, “…”.

Yoshimasa kept going, “You have someone you really care about, but you don’t do anything. I always came to your house but you never came to my house”.

I almost came to say “Because I don’t like you”, but I didn’t.

Yoshimasa continued “I wanted you to feel what it is like to lose someone who you really care about by not coming to my farewell party”. He wanted to teach me a life lesson that if I didn’t take good care of my friendship, I would lose them which obviously he was talking about himself.


Yoshimasa is Furious – He Hits Me in the Face

Yoshimasa’s last day. I was finally invited by Yoshimasa to his party, but I decided not to go and was playing cards with my friends at our house.

Around 7 pm, he kept calling me, but I ignored him.

Around 9 pm, he came to the house, looking furious. I had other friends in the living room, so I took him upstairs and put him in my room. This was going to be the most unpleasant time I have ever had in my entire life.

Yoshimasa made me sit on one of 3 beds and told me “I showed you my care and you didn’t come to my party. Why? Let me punch you in the face. That’ll make me feel better”.

I don’t know if you have ever experienced hell like this, but if you are in this situation you will freeze. I was just overwhelmed and couldn’t say a word.

I was punched in the face for the first time in my entire life. Yoshimasa would go “I like you but why you don’t do the same for me!” He kept going for about 3 hours. I know you must be thinking “Why didn’t I do anything?”. But honestly, there was nothing I could do in that situation. Yoshimasa made it really well.


Sudden Appearance of Cockroach! (I HATE Cockroaches)

Yoshimasa wouldn’t stop being angry with me and it was already past midnight. I was sitting on the bed and Yoshimasa kept speaking towards me. But I noticed something that rather grabbed my attention. There was a huge cockroach on the wall.

It was claiming up the wall very fast. By the way, I hate cockroaches. I hate them so much.

I couldn’t help but scream “co, cockroach!”. But Yoshimasa was still angry with me, so he said “Which is more important to you, me or cockroach!?”. I had never been in a conversation in which I was asked to choose between someone and cockroaches…

Anyway, while we were doing that, the cockroach was gone somewhere. If you hate cockroaches just as much as I do, I think you can relate to that fear of cockroaches when you missed it and it’s gone, but you know it’s still somewhere inside the house.

After a while, we moved to another bed which was located right under the ceiling fan. I assume Yoshimasa was getting tired from punching me, he was all sweaty.


The Second Appearance of the Cockroach

Yes, it came back. This time, it was crawling around a closet, going in and out.

Yoshimasa was getting a little quiet but still kept talking about life and stuff. I, on the other side, was just worried about the cockroach.

Meanwhile, the cockroach decided to crawl up the wall really fast. I was pretending to listen to Yoshimasa but my eyes were on the cockroach.

The cockroach was going up and up and it stopped when it reached the ceiling. It stopped and stayed still like it was going to do something. I could feel the tension and my heartbeat going really fast. Yoshimasa too was curious about the cockroach but tried so hard not to care.

A few seconds after the cockroach and I stared into each other’s eyes, it flew.

It flew straight to me and Yoshimasa.




The ceiling fan.

The cockroach right flew into the fan and the fan cut it in half.

The cut-in-half cockroach dropped beside Yoshimasa and the upper body started crawling to the door.

The tension went away thanks to the cockroach.  We talked and he went home after agreeing that I would take him to the train station the next morning. The cockroach helped me escape this hell.


The Last Word of Yoshimasa “Well, I am so Gifted”

I woke up early in the morning to go to Yoshimasa’s house. I should have stayed home but I was just happy with the fact that he would be gone soon.

Yoshimasa and I were walking to the train station for about 20 minutes after I picked him up. He just kept talking like he would never stop.

We arrived at the station and his train finally came. He seemed like I still saw him as one of my best friends even after what he did to me last night.

Just right before he got on the train, he looked at me and said “Hey! Your face is not swollen! I punched you so many times tho! haha”. Well, my face wasn’t swollen at all as he said, but it was really painful in the neck like I got whiplash.

Yoshimasa got on the train, looking at his fist and his last word was “I am so gifted at beating up people’s faces”. The doors closed and he left. He never stopped being Yoshimasa from the begging until the very end.




This is a story that I often talk to my friends as one of my funny stories. But I was confused if I was the crazy guy or him since he justified our friendship like this.

I guess I was not the crazy one because I heard that after I left the farm, he came back and he did exactly the same thing to one of my friends. He also got fired after fighting with other people. He was Yoshimasa after all.

After both of us went back to Japan, we agreed to meet in Tokyo but it didn’t happen. He probably sensed my reluctance.

I have never talked about this story to any of my farm friends. I think they will be surprised if they read this.

Thank you for reading until the end. It’s just my memory and wanted to share it. I hope you enjoyed it. I haven’t talked to Yoshimasa for a very long time, but I think he can recognize that I’m writing about him. If you do, please let me know. I kind of want to talk about it.

I have other stories like this. If you are interested in more of my crazy stories.

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